Prosjekt1905 - svensk-norske relasjoner i 200 år Universitetet i Oslo


      Prosjekt 1905

Swedish-Norwegian relations for 200 years

The year 2005 marks the one hundred year anniversary of the dissolution of Norway´s union with Sweden. This occasion will be marked in both countries.

The aim of Project 1905 is to make an extensive and diverse marking of the anniversary by the historians. The project deals with the events of 1905, as well as a variety of aspects in the relations between the two neighbouring countries since 1814, the year of the Norwegian constitution.

The project is funded by the Norwegian organisation «Hundreårsmarkeringen-Norge 2005 AS» and the Swedish foundation «Riksbankens Jubileumsfond».

Researchers and students have commenced studies of the period around the dissolution in 1905, and of the Swedish-Norwegian relations in a longer perspectives. The research will illuminate a theme that is ridden by myth, prejudice, and insufficient knowledge, and thus contribute to improve awareness regarding the commonality of history among the two peoples, and increase understanding of similarities and differences between the two cultures.

The results of this research will be made available in printed publications, on the Internet and in exhibitions.

The core group of Project 1905 consists of Norwegian and Swedish historians. The Project is lead by Professor Øystein Sørensen at the Institute of History, University of Oslo, and Professor Stig Ekman, Stockholm. Daily management is handled by Ruth Hemstad, University of Oslo.


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